33- Brave divers save distressed whale shark

Short Videos Short Videos + Vocabulary 33- Brave divers save distressed whale shark

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Brave divers save distressed whale shark

brave = valiente
a diver = un buceador
to save = salvar (or: PC = guardar)
distressed = en dificultades, afligido, angustiado
a whale = una ballena
a shark = un tiburón
a whale shark = un tiburón ballena

a whale shark (S) opened (V) ‘its’ mouth (O) in the see

chasing after = persiguiendo a, dando caza a
to chase = perseguir, cazar

just as the man was = justo cuando el hombre estaba
terriED = aterrorizADO

to the point of want-ing to = hasta el punto de querer
1 – why ‘wanting’ and not ‘to want’?

to flee = huir, escaparse
to the boat = barco, lancha, barca

the whale turned around
to turn around = girarse

and left (leave left left) = y se fue

however = sin embargo
it stayed near the yacht = se quedó cerca del yate
for a long time
and refused to leave = y se negó a marcharse

to refuse = rechazar, aquí: negarse, oponerse

it turned out that = resultó que
people had misunderstood = la gente había malinterpretado

to misunderstand = malinterpretar, confundir, no entender bien

gentle = tierno, amable, (dócil, manso), dulce, gentil
young whale shark = joven tiburón ballena

to attack = atacar
did not attack humans

INSTEAD = en lugar de eso, por el contrario

it seemed to be seeking human assistance

2 Why is it an ‘it’ here?
3 How would you say: él parece estar buscando ayuda?

to seek = buscar
it seemed to be = parecía estar.. V-ing

in distress = en apuros, en peligro, angustiado

the experiencED captain (S) worried (V)
= el experimentADO capitán se preocupó

to worry = preocuparse
to wonder = preguntarse

wondering what danger = preguntándose qué peligro
the small whale shark had encountered =
había encontrado el pequeño tiburón ballena

without a word = sin una palabra
he jumped it onto the back of the young whale shark =
saltó sobre la espalda del joven tiburón ballena

then he quickLY turned around and = rápidaMENTE se giró y
he asked his team = le pidió a su equipo

to alert = que alertaran al
rescue squad = escuadrón de rescate

the whale shark quickly swam forward = el… nadó rápidamente hacia adelante

to swim = nadar (swim swam swum)

the rescue team arrived promptLY on the scene =
el equipo de rescate llegó de inmediato

when they dived deep into the see =
cuando se sumergieron en el fondo del mar

deep = profundo
to dive = bucear, zambullirse, sumergirse

a large whale shark was found >> passive form
to find (find found found)

large = grande (no largo)

to entangle = enredar, enmarallar
entangled tight by a massive rope = passive form

tight = fuerte-mente, apretado,
massive = grande, enorme, gigante, descomunal
rope = cuerda, cable, soga

the young shark risked ‘its’ life
to risk = arriesgar

to seek human help = para buscar ayuda humana

the brave rescuers swam towards the whale shark
los valientes rescatadores nadaron hacia ..

grasping the rope = agarrando el cordón
and desperately trying to cut it

they were trying to free = estaban intentando liberar a
the in pained shark = al dolorido tiburón
pain = dolor

as quickly as possible

Disclaimer: this video is probably a video-montage.


  • Would you have jumped on the whale’s back as the captain did?
  • If you have children, do you think you child would fantasize about doing something like this? To ride a whale?
  • Would you have also been afraid at first, if you had been that poor boy from the beginning of the video?
  • Who do you think was ‘braver’ or more courageous, the captain or the rescue team?
  • Did you know shark whales could be so intelligent, even emotional?
  • Did you know whale sharks can only eat small fish? I didn’t
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