32- The importance of self-discipline

Short Videos Short Videos + Vocabulary 32- The importance of self-discipline

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rule = regla
to get = conseguir, obtener
vitamin = vitamina
to inject yourself ‘with’ = inyectarte (reflexive)
N is for.. = N representa.., significa..
to learn to say.. = two infinitives 😉 – aprender a decir

that’s how to get = eso es cómo conseguir (así se consigue..)
self-discipline = autodisciplina

priorit-Y / priorit-IES
to set priorities = definir, establecer prioridades
right = correctamente

to avoid = evitar (avoid + V-ing)
to complain = quejarse

3 factors ‘which’ can lead you to = 3 factores ‘los cuales’ te pueden llevar/guiar a

I always say THAT… = siempre digo QUE..

the disciplinED ‘ones’ (los disciplinaDOS)
are free in LIFE = son libres en esta vida

life = vida/ to live = vivir

the indisciplined ‘ones’ (in = in)
are not free = no son libres..


This gentleman is Eliud Kipchoge, a Kenyan citizen and a World Marathon Champion????, so he probably knows what he is talking about.

  • What do you think about his statements?
  • Have you got any inspiration to be more disciplined?
  • Do you think he is right in all his statements?
  • Do you notice his accent? (African, not British, not Chinese, but a perfect English)

(statement = declaración, afirmación)

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